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Seeking Truth & Beauty Through The Great Books

This reading project is an attempt to read the greatest books ever written.

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The New Testament David Bentley Hart
The New Testament
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The Iliad Fitzgerald
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The Great Books+

The Great Books Plus

I started The Great Books+ in March 2023. It’s a reading plan of 200 of the greatest books & authors of all time and I am reading them from oldest to newest. I will pair most books with a guidebook (hence the + sign).

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A Book a Month Delivered to Your Doorstep

I’ve partnered with Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, TN to offer my selection of the most important books ever written. Each month, you’ll receive a curated hardcover that I have selected (with alternative picks if you’ve already read the main choice). The selections will span genres, so you’ll discover biographies, novels, classics, history, and business favorites (just to name a few!). Fall in love with reading all over again, one surprise page at a time.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Each podcast episode is around 30 minutes and contains an intro to the book, key takeaways, and the one thing I always hope to remember from each book.

The New Testament David Bentley Hart
The New Testament (David Bentley Hart Translation)
Hebrew Bible Robert Alter
The Writings (Hebrew Bible Book 3)
The Prophets Robert Alter
The Prophets (Hebrew Bible Book 2)
Book Notes
On Taking Notes in Books
The Five Books Of Moses
The Five Books of Moses
2024 Reading List Big Fat Greek Reading List
2024: My Big Fat Greek Reading List

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