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Seeking Truth & Beauty Through The Great Books

This reading project is an attempt to read the greatest books ever written.

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The Greek Way
The Greek Way
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The Iliad Emily Wilson
The Iliad
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The Great Books+

The Great Books Plus

I started The Great Books+ in March 2023. It’s a reading plan of 200 of the greatest books & authors of all time and I am reading them from oldest to newest. I will pair most books with a guidebook (hence the + sign).

Recent Podcast Episodes

Mythology by Edith Hamilton
The Histories
The Histories by Herodotus
Persians Book
Persians by Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
Stung With Love
Theogony & Works and Days
Theogony & Works and Days by Hesiod
Babylon by Paul Kriwaczek

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