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Seeking Truth & Beauty Through The Great Books

This reading project is an attempt to read the greatest books ever written.

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The Angel Knew Papa And The Dog
The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog
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The Book Of The Dun Cow
The Book of the Dun Cow
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A Ranger's Guide to Glipwood Forest
A Ranger’s Guide to Glipwood Forest

The Great Books+

The Great Books Plus

I started The Great Books+ in March 2023. It’s a reading plan of 200 of the greatest books & authors of all time and I am reading them from oldest to newest. I will pair most books with a guidebook (hence the + sign).

Recent Podcast Episodes

The Homeric Hymns
The Homeric Hymns
The Odyssey
The Odyssey by Homer
The Iliad Emily Wilson
The Iliad by Homer
Erik Rostad Bookshelves
Three Powerful Ideas from Books for our Time
The Greek Way
The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton
Mythology by Edith Hamilton

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