Dr. Jagdish Sheth

Emory University Professor Dr. Jagdish Sheth Shares his Favorite Authors

I asked Dr. Jagdish Sheth for a list of the 10 books or authors that had influenced him the most during his life. Not only is he unbelievably well-read, he is the author of numerous books. Dr. Sheth is a world-renown Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and teaches on┬áconsumer psychology, branding strategy, marketing and geopolitics. Here are the authors and books that have influenced him the most. As he mentioned “As you can see I like historical scholarly books or books that are on future trends.

Theory Of Human Motivation

1. Abraham Maslow

Book: A Theory of Human Motivation


2. John Naisbitt

Book: Megatrends

The Effective Executive

3. Peter Drucker

Book: The Effective Executive

Guns Germs And Steel

4. Jared Diamond

Book: Guns, Germs, and Steel

The Commanding Heights

5. Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw

Book: The Commanding Heights

When Prophecy Fails

6. Leon Festinger

Book: When Prophecy Fails

The Human Group

7. George Caspar Homans

Book: The Human Group

Principles Of Behavior

8. Clark Hull

Book: Principles of Behavior: An introduction to Behavior Theory

The Osgood Files

9. Charles Osgood

Book: The Osgood Files and others

Lincoln Biography

10. Several Biographies

Book: Gandhi, Lincoln, Lenin , Karl Marx, Plato, Aristotle and others

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