Killing Comendatore
2019 Reading List | Book 24 of 52

Killing Commendatore

Author: Haruki Murakami
Number of Pages: 681
Date Started: June 23, 2019
Date Finished: July 2, 2019
Reason Book Was Chosen: I read Murakami's book on running as one of four books about running for my 2018 reading list. It made me want to read one of his novels. This is his latest book and the one I chose to cut my teeth on.

My Thoughts

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This was my first Murakami novel and it was quite a ride. It reminded me a lot of One Hundred Years of Solitude in its surrealism. I love when a book dances along the line of dream and reality.

This was also the perfect book for me in that it referenced opera, art, and jazz. Killing Commendatore is the name of a painting in the novel and it is a scene from the opera Don Giovanni. What’s great is that the Mozart opera also balances along dream and reality. I listened to a lot of the music referenced in the book while I read it, and that added to the overall experience.

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