The Inevitable
2017 Reading List | Book 1 of 52

The Inevitable

Author: Kevin Kelly
Number of Pages: 328
Date Started: January 1, 2017
Date Finished: January 7, 2017
Suggested By: Marc Goodman

My Thoughts

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“Banning the inevitable usually backfires.”
– Kevin Kelly

I didn’t get much further than the introduction when I realized The Inevitable was going to be much different than the typical tech or business book. The author, Kevin Kelly, highlights 12 metachanges that have started bubbling up and will intensify in the near future. He does this through a keen sense of the present and a prescient understanding of what’s next. My favorite writing method of his is where he presents potential “day in the life” scenarios of how his life might look 10, 20, and 50 years out. This coming from an author who consulted Steven Spielberg on what the future might hold for the movie Minority Report.

I came away from The Inevitable with a different frame of reference; a new mindset if you will. It helped me to understand shifts that have occurred during my lifetime and how current and potentially future products and services fit into that new world.

If you are in technology, education, or business, you need to read this book immediately. I feel like I have a competitive advantage over anyone who has not read this book.

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