Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Pages: 426
Date Started: August 26, 2020
Date Finished: September 6, 2020
16h 11m 9s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I've read three Taleb books as part of the Books of Titans project. They have been excellent. I love his snarkiness and the subject matter. This is the last of his four main books that I have yet to read.

My Thoughts

Antifragile is in the Important Books category – it’s one of the books that is a standard for ideas found across a variety of other books. It’s also a fun book. Though brash, Taleb’s content is unique and enlightening. We don’t have a good word for the opposite of fragile (hint, it’s not robust or strong), so Taleb came up with his own word – Antifragile. People are antifragile – they grow from stress, much like muscles grow from lifting weights by tearing and repairing stronger.

This book contains a variety of heuristics or rules for life based upon this idea of antifragility. Many of the ideas were counter-intuitive and extremely helpful.

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