Doctor Sleep

Stephen King
Reading Order: Book 13
Categories: 2020, Stuart Browning
Pages: 545
Suggested By: Film / Sequel
Date Started: March 13, 2020
Date Finished: March 20, 2020
Reason Book was Chosen: The sequel to The Shining. I added The Shining and this to my reading list for two reasons: 1. I've been meaning to read The Shining for sometime (having already watched Kubrick's film multiple times). 2. I knew Doctor Sleep was being made into a film starring Ewan McGregor and as a fan of both McGregor and King I really want to watch it but as with most adaptation's I prefer to read the novel fist. I felt it was best if I read both novels in close proximity to each other despite there being a big gap between the novels being written and the age of Danny in them.
My Thoughts

The Shining was a brilliant book and it must have been daunting for King to write a sequel especially considering it was 36 years between publication dates. King however does a fantastic job of imagining how Dan Torrances’ life had developed since leaving the Overlook hotel so many years ago. I was really happy King started out by explaining what happened at certain stages of Dan’s life before bringing us up to the current timeline, I’m glad we found out what happened with Wendy and Dick.

The addition of the True Knot was great as the “enemy” / “moster” and I loved Abra’s inclusion as Dan’s pupil (bringing us back to The Shining and Dick’s conclusion that there comes a time when every Shiner will teach another).

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