The Complete Poems of the World's First Author
Reading Year: 2023
Book # 13
Great Books
Pages: 288
Suggested By: Sophus Helle
Translation by Sophus Helle
Version: Yale University Press
Year: 2300 BC
Date Started: April 20, 2023
Date Finished: April 23, 2023
4h 44m 37s
This is the first book. Ever. At least that we have. I thought Gilgamesh was the first. I read the Gilgamesh translation by Sophus Helle and came across his yet unreleased version of an even earlier work, Enheduana, so I added this one in late.

My Thoughts

This was so great. It contained everything I love about reading: the sense of discovery, connections to other books/history, and both the original text and descriptive essays to help in understanding what is happening. Enheduana is the first work we have attributed to an individual author. Enheduana was a female, a priestess from Ur in 2300BC. That’s where Abraham was from. It was fascinating reading about the gods from this time.

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