Fight Club 2

Chuck Palahniuk
Reading Order: Book 40
Categories: 2019, Stuart Browning
Pages: 256
Suggested By: Chuck Palahniuk
Date Started: December 1, 2019
Date Finished: December 2, 2019
Reason Book was Chosen:
I'm been a fan of Palahniuk’s novels for some time (I list him as one of my top five favourite authors) but I haven’t read anything by him since I read Doomed in 2017. I wanted to make sure I read something by him this year and I choose this sequel to Fight Club which is a bit unusual for Chuck with it being in the Graphic Novel format.

My Thoughts

A fun read, typical Palahnuik.  It’s not as good as its predecessor but has some valid points that are still true today.  Made me realise that I need to read more of Palahniuk’s work, I have his latest novel Adjustment Day sitting on my bookshelf begging me to read it – I might have to see if I can squeeze this into next year’s reading list.

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