Grant Morrison
Reading Order: Book 2
Categories: 2019, Stuart Browning
Pages: 128
Suggested By: Kristian Embrey (TV Show)
Date Started: June 20, 2018
Date Finished: January 6, 2019
Reason Book was Chosen: A friend of mine recommended the Netflix TV show which I binge watched in May of 2018. Shortly after watching it I discovered that it was based on a graphic novel by Grant Morrison and as such I decided to read it to see how the TV adaptation matched up to the original.
My Thoughts

I’m a big fan of Comic Books and Graphic Novels.  As mentioned above this was adapted by SyFy into a live-action/animated TV series (available on Netflix in the UK) which I binge watched.  When I found out it was originally a Graphic Novel by Grant Morrison I decided to read it to see how true to the story it was.   Now let me say the TV show was pretty much 100% accurate to the story line almost word for word so I was impressed.

The story is a brilliant dark comedy filled with debauchery – it follows former police detective now hitman Nick Sax. Who after sustaining a massive heart attack, meets a small, blue, winged unicorn named Happy that only he can see.  Happy explains he is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Hailey, who has been kidnapped by a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus.  Happy reveals that Hailey is Nick’s estranged daughter, and sought Nick’s aid believing him to be the hero cop that she envisioned him to be. Though sceptical at first, Nick reluctantly agrees and the two work to save Hailey.

Nick’s character is a horrible guy who drinks heavily and consumes a lot of illegal drugs and takes no prisoners in the way he interacts with people, he’s a bit of a hard man who doesn’t really care about anyone but himself.  However you can’t help but like him (well I couldn’t anyway).  His relationship with Happy is great, they are so different to each other but they somehow bond and become (somewhat) friends.

All in all this is a fun, disturbing, debauched but wonderfully funny and endearing Comic Book that I would recommend to adult readers.  Whatever you do though don’t let you children read it until they are in their late teens!!!!

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