Sappho: If Not, Winter

Fragments of Sappho
This is an ancillary book to the Great Book Sappho: Stung with Love
Reading Year: 2023
Book # 34
Pages: 355
Translation by Anne Carson
Version: Vintage
Date Started: August 22, 2023
Date Finished: August 23, 2023
2h 11m 0s

My Thoughts

A neat collection containing Greek on the left and English on the right. Anne Carson included everything from full poems to one-word fragments. The fragmented poems were so interesting. You just get a few words here and there and just sort of wonder what the full poem contained. The unfinished poems allow you to imagine your own ending. The whole Sappho experience was quite interesting and there are a few of her poems, sometimes containing just a line or two, that really stick with you.

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Sappho: Stung with Love
The Scythians