Industrial Society and Its Future

Theodore John Kaczynski
Reading Order: Book 18
Categories: 2022, Erik Rostad
Pages: 109
Date Started: May 21, 2022
Date Finished: May 22, 2022
2h 56m 50s
Reason Book was Chosen:
Thought I'd spice up the reading list this year. If you don't know who Ted Kaczynski is, please reference Good Will Hunting. This book is also called the Unabomber Manifesto.

My Thoughts

It was quite interesting to read both this book and Friedrich Engels’ The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State this year. Both books call for revolution; reform is not attainable. In this book, Kaczynski attacks industrial society, leftists, and oversocialization with a call to dismantle the entire system and eliminate technology. He also says the only way to get his message out above all of the other noise is to kill people. One is left contrasting the message with the messenger.

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