Killing England

Bill O’Reilly
History, Non-Fiction
Pages: 352
Suggested By: Gene Hanratty
Date Started: April 14, 2018
Date Finished: April 21, 2018
Reason Book was Chosen:
This was a book that was gifted to me in 2017 by a dear friend and client. He is actually on a quest to read a book about every US President. He only has a few more Presidents to go. I hope to have him on the podcast to interview him about his multi-year journey of reading through those books.

My Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve read about the Revolutionary War. Possibly even as long ago as elementary or middle school. I had forgotten mostly everything, so Killing England was a great refresher. Written by Bill O’Reilly, this was the first book of his “killing” series that I have read. This one deals with the battles of the Revolutionary War that led to America’s independence. It was a fascinating book that was easy to read and moved quickly. It was amazing how many close calls there were in the founding of this nation. It was also incredible to read about our founders and what they went through to break from England.

I’ve seen these “killing” books by Bill O’Reilly for a while now and didn’t really know what they were about. The title for this one seemed a bit odd to me. England the country was not really killed. If anything, it was the beginning of the killing of the British Empire, but not England. Interesting choice of title.

There was also a pretty grievous error at the end of the book where it said George Washington died in 1789 instead of the actual year of 1799.

Killing England made me want to read more about this period of our nation’s history. I have the Benjamin Franklin biography on my list for later this year and am looking forward to learning more about him.

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