Once a Runner

John L. Parker
Reading Order: Book 33
Categories: 2018, Erik Rostad
Pages: 304
Date Started: September 26, 2018
Date Finished: September 29, 2018
Reason Book was Chosen: This is one of my 4 running books for the year. This one had a huge influence on a good friend and fellow runner.
My Thoughts

I’ve read a number of books about running but have never read one that was fiction. The cover of this one says “The best novel ever written about running.” As a runner myself, I enjoyed this one immensely.

The book follows the college life of Quenton Cassidy, a mile runner at a fictional Florida college who competes against the world’s best. It covers the highs and lows, the pleasure and pain, the mental and the physical. It contained incredibly accurate descriptions of what it’s like to be a runner.

There’s something special about running. Something that a few books have captured. Books like Born to Run and this one. If you are a runner, you will connect with this book. It will inspire you. And it will make you want to run. Fast.

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