Dan Brown
Reading Order: Book 8
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 480
Date Started: February 25, 2021
Date Finished: March 3, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: I'd read the first two of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series (Angels and Demons & The Da Vinci Code) back in 2005 and have two of the remaining three books sitting on my bookshelf for some time now (I bought this one on Kindle to so I could complete the series). Whilst picking my reading list for this year I was inspired by Erik's idea to commit to reading a series of books and therefore I'm completing a few series' that I already own as part of my challenge this year. Dan Brown's Landon series being one of them, I've decided not to re-read the previous novels as they are still fresh in my mind.
My Thoughts

Again another fun, enjoyable book, fast paced as usual and an interesting concept. Spain is the perfect backdrop for this novel and I really enjoy how Brown uses the architecture in Spain to tell parts of the story. The characters are great, Kirsch especially for me. It’s just a good solid novel with a good storyline. I still can’t fathom the hate Dan Brown gets for his writing it completely baffles me.

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