Permanent Record

Edward Snowden
Reading Order: Book 14
Categories: 2020, Stuart Browning
Pages: 339
Suggested By: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
Date Started: March 20, 2020
Date Finished: March 23, 2020
Reason Book was Chosen: On Oct 23, 2019 Joe Rogan interviewed CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience (#1368), I was so excited that it was happening but at this point I didn't know Ed had published his book Permanent Record. I bought it immediately and have been excited to read it ever since.
My Thoughts

A brilliant memoir. I’m so glad that Ed decided to write this book, and I’m glad he gave an account of his life and didn’t just write about the information he leaked. A very interesting book which I’d encourage people to read.

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