Scotland 2070

Ian & Dorothy Godden
Current Affairs, Non-Fiction
Pages: 211
Suggested By: Neil Johnston
Date Started: May 26, 2022
Date Finished: May 30, 2022
6h 5m 48s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I love Scotland and I know the authors of this book. They've presented a vision for Scotland's future. I'm curious to learn about what they suggest.

My Thoughts

Very interesting look at a potential future for Scotland. The idea that interested me the most was that with parts of the Arctic Ocean melting, this opens up the Northern Sea Route from the Atlantic to the Pacific above The United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, and other countries. This could be a huge potential for Scotland along this trade route.

This was a very interesting book on how Scotland can prepare for the future in 6 main areas – the Arctic mentioned above, reforestation, renewables, healthcare, research, and infrastructure. I learned a lot about Scotland and about thinking through ideas at the top level for a country.

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