The Bachman Books

Stephen King
Reading Order: Book 10
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 530
Date Started: March 4, 2021
Date Finished: March 19, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve challenged myself to read all of King’s work in almost publication order (some are a little out of sync which I’ll explain in these entries as we go through). This book is a collection of novels published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman and released as a collection in 1985. However these are his 4th (Rage), 6th (The Long Walk), 9th (Roadwork) and 11th (The Running Man) published novels. It made sense for me to read this after Dead Zone as I wanted to read it all in one go. Rage and The Long Walk where published before Dead Zone whilst Road Work and The Running Man were published afterwards. In reading this collection I’ve skipped the short story collections Night Shift and Different Seasons, the non-fiction book Danse Macabre, and the novels Firestarter and Cujo the reason for this is simply I don’t own these books (with the exception of Night Shift which is book 12 on this reading list). I will read these in the future but I’ve tried to keep my reading list this year to books I already own (there are a few exceptions here too). I’m not going to re-read The Running Man as I've already read it multiple times already.
My Thoughts

I enjoyed all of these. With Rage it’s understandable why King has asked for it to be taken out of publication with it being a story about a high school shooting (and the fact mass shootings still happen far too frequently in America). That said I thought it was very well thought-out and I was surprised where he took the story, it didn’t pan out how I’d expected at all. The Long Walk another very interesting story. I’m a bit unsure if I would have liked to have read more about the lead up to the walk prior to the start rather than the story starting at its commencement and finding out fragments along the way. I also don’t think King actually fully explains why the walk exists, not that he has to as he writing about the effects on the human taking part in something of this nature, but I would have liked to know the how’s and why the walk takes place and how society has got to this point and why t’s deemed acceptable. That aside I did really enjoy reading about how the participants deal with the situation they find themselves in and I was interesting to see where their minds went. And Finally Roadwork a story about a man forced out of his home due to a new Highway being built, it’s another interesting tale, probably my least favourite of the collection but still a good tale, it delves deep into the main characters psyche on how he deals with loss, not just the loss of his house.

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