CSB Readers Bible
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The Bible

Great Books, Non-Fiction

Number of Pages: 1816

Suggested By: Stephen Dubner, Ricardo Semler, Ryan Flaherty, Sam Harris, A.J. Jacobs, Caterina Fake
Date Started: January 1, 2020
Date Finished: February 29, 2020
Reading Time: 104 hours 25 minutes 20 seconds
Reason Book Was Chosen: I have never read the entire Bible from start to finish in the sense that it is the only book I'm reading at the time. I've done "read the Bible in a year" plans, but have never had it be the sole book I'm reading. This is the one I'm most excited about for 2020 and I cheated my order randomization to place this first. I also purchased a version of the Bible I've never read (Christian Standard Bible). This version also does not contain verse references (something not introduced in the Bible until modern times). It's presented in a way that is conducive to reading like a book. I plan to approach it in that way and digging deep. I've always been scared to write in a Bible, but I'm going to mark this one up. I'll be underlining, writing all over it, taking notes in the back, and taking time to note people, places, and things. This should be quite an experience. I expect it to take at least 40 days to read through the entire Bible.

My Thoughts

Here are some answers to questions I’m getting about the Bible:


I am reading the Christian Standard Bible version called the CSB Reader’s Bible, Gray Cloth Over Board. It is a hardcover version put out by Holman Bible Publishers in 2017. The reason I chose this version is that it does not contain verse references or additional notes. There are a few maps at the back of the book and that is it. So far, the only thing I wish it had more of is blank pages at the very end of the book where I could take notes.

I am reading the Old and New Testaments. I am not reading the Apocrypha. There are 66 total books (39 Old Testament, 27 New Testament).


I am consulting an iPhone and iPad app called Bible Maps. This app makes it possible to search locations by chapter and verse. It has been extremely helpful.


I am noting questions in the margins. I am hoping many of these questions are answered later in the Bible. If not, I plan to use future Bible study time to delve into these questions. I am not taking the time to look up all answers to questions I have while I read. But many of these questions have me thinking deeply about them. One question was answered in the church service I went to almost immediately after reading about it in Genesis.

Thoughts per Book (time it took to read each book):