The Black Swan

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Reading Order: Book 32
Categories: 2018, Erik Rostad
Pages: 444
Suggested By: Ryan Holiday, James Altucher, Matt Mullenweg, Edward Norton, Walter O'Brien, Art De Vany, Nick Szabo, Mark Bell, Nick Kokonas, Patrick Collison
Date Started: September 11, 2018
Date Finished: September 26, 2018
Reason Book was Chosen: This was one of 5 suggestions by my podcast co-host Jason.
My Thoughts

This is the second Taleb book on the list for this year. The first was Fooled by Randomness,¬†which I liked better. I love Taleb’s style and how he pokes fun at business school students, newspapers, and idiot savants. I actually picked this book up close to when it was released in 2007 and didn’t make it very far. I had trouble getting through it this time and it took over 2 weeks of reading time. That hindered my comprehension of some of the key concepts and I’ll need to revisit this book at some point. But overall, a very helpful book on how to consider the things outside of what we normally expect and what is usually discussed.

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