The Brooklyn Follies

Paul Auster
Reading Order: Book 38
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 304
Suggested By: Shnedwards
Date Started: September 5, 2021
Date Finished: September 11, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: Gifted to me by my bookcrossing friend. As I've mentioned throughout this year’s reading list I'm trying to read as many of the books gifted to me through bookcrossing as possible.
My Thoughts

I loved this novel, it’s a beautifully written story about normal people going about their lives. I really enjoyed Auster’s writing style and the characters he created for this novel. I’ve not much else to say really, it was a quick-ish read and I found myself wanting to continue reading when I needed to be doing something else or being elsewhere. Not wanting to put a book down is a good sign surely.

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