The Dark Tower IV.5: The Wind Through the Keyhole

Stephen King
Reading Order: Book 30
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 309
Date Started: July 6, 2021
Date Finished: July 9, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve challenged myself to read all of King’s work in almost publication order (some are a little out of sync which I’ll explain in these entries as we go through). This is King's 64th published book (his 50th Novel). I’ve skipped quite a few books here as I'm reading the entire Dark Tower series back-to-back (including this companion story) which started with the Gunslinger which was originally released in 1982. The Wind Through the Keyhole was first released in 2012.
My Thoughts

A nice little companion story to to main series, set chronologically between volumes four and five. Not much else to say other than that, again there’s a story within a story which I like and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Hopefully King will write other offshoots of the series going forward.

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