The Dawn

Yoram Hazony
Pages: 263
Suggested By: Russ Roberts
Date Started: December 18, 2022
Date Finished: December 23, 2022
8h 36m 35s
Reason Book was Chosen:
This is a book about the Book of Esther from the Hebrew Bible.

My Thoughts

This definitely makes the top 5 list for this year. I was blown away by this book. I learned a lot and it was the type of learning where my mind was being changed. Not only that, the book identified exact struggles I have and dealt with them in a way I’ve not encountered before. This book is like a dissection of the Book of Esther found in the Hebrew Bible. It approaches that book seriously, considering nearly every word and attempting to understand the ramifications, connecting it to other books in the Hebrew Bible, commentary by rabbis through the ages, and even a neat comparison to Machiavelli’s Prince. My copy of this book is nearly fully underlined, marked up, written upon, and the like. I can’t wait to review this one on the podcast.

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