The Dead Zone

Stephen King
Reading Order: Book 5
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 428
Date Started: February 8, 2021
Date Finished: February 14, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve challenged myself to read all of King’s work in almost publication order (some are a little out of sync which I’ll explain in these entries as we go through) this is his 7th novel. I’ve skipped Rage and The Long Walk as I’ll read them later in the year as part of the Bachman Books collection (book 10 on this reading list) and also the short story collection Night Shift (book 12 on this reading list).
My Thoughts

I loved it, so glad I’ve set aside time to read all of King’s novels he’s a master of character development and storytelling. I didn’t know much about it besides that fact there is a film and TV show based on it (I might now add them to my watch list especially as the film is directed by David Cronenberg). I hate the fact that sometimes King is labelled as a horror writer as there is so much more to his novels that’s you can’t really define the genre, this is more of a psychological supernatural thriller (if there is such a genre). Anyway it’s a great read and I’d highly recommend it.

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