The Hindus

The Hindus

An Alternate History
Wendy Doniger
This is an ancillary book to the Great Book The Rig Veda
Reading Year: 2023
Book # 15
Pages: 211
Version: The Penguin Press
Date Started: April 26, 2023
Date Finished: May 7, 2023
9h 21m 3
Wendy Doniger translated the version of the Rig Veda I'm using and I thought this would be a good companion to the great book. I am just reading the first 211 of the total 690 pages in order to get a background for the Rig Veda. I may read the rest of the book before reading the Ramayana.

My Thoughts

I read up to page 238 (there are 690 total pages) and that portion of the book provided an excellent introduction to Hinduism and the Rig Veda. I had started read the Rig Veda and was completely lost. I needed help and the first part of this book provided the assistance I was needing. I will probably finish this book when I read the Ramayana later on for the Great Books project.

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