The Laws of Human Nature

Robert Greene
Reading Order: Book 34
Categories: 2019, Stuart Browning
Pages: 624
Suggested By: Robert Greene
Date Started: October 3, 2019
Date Finished: October 24, 2019
Reason Book was Chosen: I've been on Robert Greene's mailing list for sometime but although not having read any of his books I like what I saw of him from various lectures, podcasts and youtube clips. I follow Ryan Holiday and he recommends his books and does Tim Ferris. So when this became available for per-order in October 2018 I bought a copy. I added it to my 2019 reading list because I wanted to make sure I read it in good time after it's release, it's quite a big book for me at least coming in at over 600 pages so i find that quite daunting.

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