The Magician’s Nephew

C.S. Lewis
Pages: 186
Date Started: January 16, 2021
Date Finished: January 17, 2021
3h 1m 36s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I've never read through the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. It's time to remedy that. I may read some of these to my daughters as part of the reading project.

My Thoughts

This book covers the founding of Narnia. It’s actually the first book in the chronological order. I’m so glad I didn’t read this first as the since of discovery later on makes the earlier books much more magical. Here we have Digory and Polly using rings held by Digory’s uncle Andrew Ketterley to access another world. There, they awaken a witch, see the founding of Narnia, and have a task to complete for Aslan. This one provides further context for the world of Narnia.

Something that surprised me was that I vividly remembered the first few chapters of this book but nothing afterwards. I have either read or heard the first few chapters, but I couldn’t picture where or when. It was an interesting experience because I don’t recall ever having started this book, but apparently I had. It was also interesting how I could still see the images in my head as I read having no idea when I first read or heard it.

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