The Mission of the Body of Christ

Russ Ramsey
Pages: 223
Date Started: May 13, 2021
Date Finished: May 16, 2021
6h 25m 5s
Reason Book was Chosen:
Russ Ramsey is my pastor and I've wanted to read this Advent series for a while.

My Thoughts

This book consists of 31 chapters that cover the book of Acts. Russ tells the story of the early church through the eyes of Peter, Paul, and a host of other people. In the first paragraph of the introduction, Russ reminds us that Scripture was written in thrift. These chapters provide further historical context, human context, and content from other books of the Bible. With 28 chapters in Acts, the 31 chapters of this book almost go chapter by chapter. A key idea was how the gospel united people of different cities, races, religions, and views. Another idea was Paul’s concern for the conscience of believers. The book finishes with the statement that we live between two advents.

Overall, a fantastic series that fulfilled Russ’ stated goal of “capturing your imagination and serve your lifelong study of the Bible.” I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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