The Sisters Brothers

Patrick DeWitt
Reading Order: Book 22
Categories: 2019, Stuart Browning
Pages: 328
Suggested By: Katie Browning (wife)
Date Started: July 27, 2019
Date Finished: July 29, 2019
Reason Book was Chosen: A few members of our book club mentioned this as a book we should read, my wife then read it and thoroughly enjoyed it and suggested it was something I'd also enjoy. My wife now wants to watch the film adaption so I've decided to read it before we watch it.
My Thoughts

This didn’t disappoint such a fun book to read!  The premise is simple; brothers Eli and Charlie Sisters are paid assassins who are on a job to kill Hermann Warm and the story follows them on their journey on the way to complete this job and they have a few “adventures” along the way.

The book is narrated mainly from Eli’s perspective which I enjoyed.

It’s difficult to express why I liked this so much, it just flowed so well and the storyline keeps you hooked and it’s hard to put down as you want to know what happens next.

A joyful read I’ll definitely read more from deWitt in the future.

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