The Stories of Setne Khamwas

from Ancient Egyptian Literature Vol 3: The Late Period
Reading List Year: 2023
Reading Order: Book 12
This is an ancillary book to the Great Book Writings from Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Literature
Pages: 26
Suggested By: Sophus Helle
Translation by Miriam Lichtheim
Version: University of California Press
Date Started: April 18, 2023
Date Finished: April 19, 2023
1h 12m 28s
Sophus Helle suggested I read The Stories of Setne Khamwas. They are found in this 3rd Volume of Ancient Egyptian Literature and I am just reading these two Setne stories within this larger book.

My Thoughts

I picked this up at the suggest of Sophus Helle to read The Stories of Setne Khamwas. They are very interesting and reminded me of Indian Jones movies (a quest for an object of inestimable worth, in this case a book) and a certain parable of Jesus (rich man & poor man in the afterlife).

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