The Truths We Hold

Kamala Harris
Reading Order: Book 34
Categories: 2020, Erik Rostad
Pages: 281
Date Started: September 30, 2020
Date Finished: October 5, 2020
6h 51m 57s
Reason Book was Chosen: In late September 2020, I decided to read one book by each of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. I will then cover each candidate on an upcoming podcast episode before the election. My focus will be on their biographies and their major policy positions.
My Thoughts

In 2014, US Attorney General Eric Holder called Kamala Harris and asked if she was interested in his job as he stepped down. She was Attorney General of California at the time and this was a dream job of dream jobs for her. She ended up turning it down because she wanted to finish the work she was doing as AG of California. I thought that said a lot about her. Most people would have jumped on the opportunity. But she wanted to finish what she had started, even if that meant the timing wasn’t right for her dream job.

Kamala’s book weaves between her personal and professional lives and closes out with some rules for life.

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