The Unconsoled

Kazuo Ishiguro
Reading Order: Book 35
Categories: 2021, Stuart Browning
Pages: 535
Suggested By: 1001 BYMRBYD
Date Started: August 19, 2021
Date Finished: August 27, 2021
Reason Book was Chosen: Another book that's been on my bookshelf for a considerable amount of time, I bought it from a book fair at work as it was featured in Peter Boxall's book the "1001 Books You must Read Before You Die". Having read a few Ishiguro novels it's one that I though would fit well into this years reading list.
My Thoughts

The first words that come to mind when I write about this are: Strange, Surreal, Frustrating, Beautiful. It’s a difficult novel to describe as it’s chaotic in its narration but enjoyable at the same time. The story is narrated by a pianist (possibly the greatest of his generation) called Ryder and revolves around his visit to an unnamed European city to perform a concert. You never quite know where he is going as he seems to be dragged around by the characters in the town without ever forcibly making any decisions of his own, missing appointments that have been arranged for him or agreed by himself only to be dragged off somewhere else. I’m not doing this book and justice with these thoughts as it’s probably coming across very boring and in actual fact the story is quite boring but you have a sense of enjoyment and anxiety (in a good way?) reading as it flows along and you really want to know what will happen next.

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