The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis
Reading Order: Book 46
Categories: 2018, Erik Rostad
Biography, Non-Fiction
Pages: 368
Suggested By: Ray Dalio
Date Started: November 26, 2018
Date Finished: November 29, 2018
Reason Book was Chosen: I love Michael Lewis. I've even read his book about raising children (hilarious). If Lewis writes it, I read it. I had wanted to read this one last year, but it came out after I had created my 2017 reading list.
My Thoughts

I consider Thinking, Fast and Slow, to be one of the 2 – 3 most important books I have read this year. It blew me away. I’d heard a lot of the ideas from the book before, but the author Daniel Kahneman and his partner in crime Amos Tversky were the originators of the ideas I’d been hearing elsewhere.

The Undoing Project is a book about the Kahneman and Tversky collaboration. These two Israeli psychologists turned the behavioral psychology and economics worlds upside-down. This is the story of how the two psychologists met, how they worked together, and the ideas they discovered. It was an excellent and a perfect companion to Thinking, Fast and Slow.

I’ve called this the “Year of Kahneman.” I didn’t even know of Kahneman until this year. I read Thinking, Fast and Slow and then work by Taleb that referenced Kahneman often. Kahneman has also shown up in other books on my reading list this year. Thinking, Fast and Slow was amazing, but it was helpful to read Michael Lewis’ account of their ideas both as a further way to understand their groundbreaking work and hear it from a second perspective. It’s funny, I had no idea what the book was about until looking at the cover after purchasing it. I had added it to my reading list completely unaware that it was about Kahenman.

If you have read Thinking, Fast and Slow or plan to, be sure to read this book as well. You may even consider reading it before Kahneman’s book for some greater perspective on the book and Kahneman/Tversky.

I’ve read other Michael Lewis books and love his style. This book was another great one by Lewis.

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