War Of The Worlds

H. G. Wells
Reading Order: Book 25
Categories: 2020, Stuart Browning
Pages: 232
Suggested By: Adrienne10 (RABCK from 2008)
Date Started: May 3, 2020
Date Finished: May 5, 2020
Reason Book was Chosen: As mentioned previously I’m a bookcrosser and have a friend called Adrienne who lives in Seattle who every year we for our birthday’s we send each other a Birthday RABK (Random Act of Bookcrossing Kindness). This is one of those gifts.
My Thoughts

Epic story telling by Wells who is so far ahead of the times it’s pretty extraordinary. I loved The Time Machine and I equally loved this, I’ve seen many films and shows based on this novel and I’m happy to have rectified that. I look forward to reading more of Wells works in the future.

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