Where You Go

Charlotte Pence
Reading Order: Book 37
Categories: 2020, Erik Rostad
Pages: 178
Date Started: October 16, 2020
Date Finished: October 18, 2020
4h 1m 54s
Reason Book was Chosen: In late September 2020, I decided to read one book by each of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. I will then cover each candidate on an upcoming podcast episode before the election. My focus will be on their biographies and their major policy positions.
My Thoughts

This book was written by Mike Pence’s daughter who traveled with him on the campaign trail from 2016 into his Vice Presidency through the summer of 2017. It’s a neat look at the campaign trail through a daughter’s eyes and it was an interesting way to learn about VP Pence. I was struck by how solid Pence is in his convictions, his priorities, and his faith.

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