Robert Caro
Reading Order: Book 24
Categories: 2021, Erik Rostad
Date Started: May 29, 2021
Date Finished: May 31, 2021
4h 51m 26s
Reason Book was Chosen: Having completed the LBJ Series by Robert Caro, I want to know what went into writing that incredible series.
My Thoughts

Robert Caro pulls the curtain back and provides some insight into his writing and working style. I couldn’t put this one down. After reading his LBJ series, I wanted to know more about this man and how he did what he did. He talks about ways he got specific information for his Robert Moses and LBJ books, the way he works, and the way he crafts his art. This book is valuable for writers particularly and readers generally, but if you have read any of Caro’s biographies, this one is a must-read. The LBJ Series is one of the greatest set of books I’ve ever read. I’m continually thinking about them months after having read them. To get some insight into how they were put together adds to my fascination and love of these books. I just purchased The Power Broker and am sneaking it onto my 2021 reading list!

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