Draft No 4
Reading Order: 32

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Draft No. 4

by: John McPhee
Biography, Non-Fiction

Number of Pages: 192

Suggested By: Tim Ferriss
Date Started: September 20, 2020
Date Finished: September 22, 2020
Reading Time: 5h 2m 52s
Reason Book Was Chosen: Tim Ferriss has suggested this book countless times on his podcast. I've never read a John McPhee book but would like to start making my way through his books. This is the first one I'll be reading.

My Thoughts

You get a two-for-one deal with Draft No. 4. On one hand, McPhee provides some incredible advice for becoming a better writing and wisely approaching your topic. On the other hand, by reading this book, you are watching a master at play. This is a great book if you want to become a better writer. But it is also a great book if you want to become a better reader. McPhee provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the writing process. It made me want to read his 29 other books.

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