2019 Recap

Key Takeaways from My 2019 52-Book Reading List

In this episode, Erik Rostad stacks each of the 52 books from his 2019 reading list on his desk, picks them up one by one, and shares the one thing he recalls from each book. This episode is a test to see how much he remembers after spending 486 hours reading the 52 books. It’s also a great way for you to get key takeaways from some excellent books. Erik also discusses the system he has in place to help him remember what he reads and he covers some statistics for his 2019 reading list.

Show Notes

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  • Hi Erik, really enjoying the podcast and great to hear your reading round-up for 2019. I am particularly keen to follow up on your trilogy of Scottish history books. I live in Edinburgh and am increasingly driven to know more about the development of the UK. People regularly talk about how important it is to maintain the union, but why? With English and Scottish politics diverging so much at the moment, is independence inevitable? Interesting questions for interesting times! Thank heavens for books to help us sort out and develop our thoughts. ????

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