Reading Resources

The Books of Titans project is built around the idea of having a yearly reading list. Use the resources below to help you find the best books, create your own reading list, and remember what you read.

Reading List Spreadsheet

Download the spreadsheet I use to track my yearly reading lists. Keep track of pages read, pages remaining, how many pages you need to read per day, and total stats.

Reading List Spreadsheet

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Reading Tools

Reading Time

I started tracking the time it takes to read each book at the start of 2019. I use the Bookly App. I read at a regular speed, so these reading times should provide a good range for how long it will take you to read each book.

Book Ideas

Here are some of my favorites from this project to get you started on your own list. Choose a book a month, two books a month, or a book a week from this curated list.

Apps I Use

Bookly App

Bookly is an app you can use to track your reading time and how much time you have remaining. It works on the iPhone and Apple Watch.


Goodreads is like the social media website for booklovers. Share what you are reading, rate each book, set goals, and connect with others. You can find me @erikrostad.