Enhancing Lifelong Reading

Helping you discover good books, set up a reading plan, and share your reading list.

1. Discover

As Tim Soulo said, “If you’re watching Netflix and not reading a book, you’ve picked the wrong book.” Let’s get started by writing down a list of books you’d like to read. Pick ones on topics you love or about which you’d like to learn more. You’re more likely to stick with a book if you want to learn about it instead of it being a book someone told you to read. However, if you need some ideas to get started, click the button below.

2. Create a Plan

Here’s a secret. You will read more books when you choose books you’re excited to read and set a time frame in which to read them. In step 1, you chose a list of books. Now, let’s whittle down the list to a manageable level and set a time frame in which to read those books. For example, the Books of Titans project is built around reading 52 books per year. Challenge yourself but be realistic. If a book a week is too much, start with a book a month, or even a book a year. Just start somewhere.

Next, you’ll want to determine how many pages you’ll need to read per day to meet your goal. Here’s a tool to help you determine that number.

3. Share & Inspire

Now comes the fun part. You get to read amazing books, enter new worlds, and discover new interests. Try sharing what you’re learning as you’re reading. This will have two major benefits – you’ll connect to others reading the same books and you’ll remember more of what you read. You can share your reading list right on this website. Click below for more details.