About this Project

In late 2016, I (Erik Rostad) started reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. In the book, Ferriss interviews some of the most accomplished, productive, and famous people in the world and asks each one of them what book(s) they like and have gifted the most.
If there is one thing I hate, it’s reading a bad book. We each have a limited time on this earth and if I’m going to spend time reading, I want to read the best books. The books with the greatest chance of touching my soul. As Kevin Kelly once said:

Life is short, and there are too many books to read. Someone, or something, has to choose, or whisper in our ear to help us decide.

-Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable

So, in 2017, I decided to set what was for me a demanding goal of reading a book a week. I then selected 52 books from those highlighted in Tools of Titans. I made it through 51 of the 52 books in 2017 and had an incredible time doing so. I’m continuing on in 2018 with another set of 52 books, this time pulled from all 1,000+ book recommendations from the 280+ interviewees of The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast. I’m selecting 26 books from that list and 26 other books I want to read that are not on the list.

Enter Jason

When I shared the idea for this project with Jason Staples, he shocked me by saying he also wanted to read the 52 books in 2017 (he’s a very busy guy). He then said we should start a podcast where we discuss each of the books. The idea of doing a podcast both scared and intrigued me. One of my main goals in starting the Books of Titans project was to encourage discussions around these books. We started the Books of Titans Podcast in April of 2017 and have done an episode a week with a few breaks around holidays. We will go through each of the 52 books from the 2017 reading list and have set a combined list of books in 2018 that we will begin to cover in the near future.

Jason Staples and Erik Rostad
Jason Staples (left) and Erik Rostad (right) meeting for the first time in 2009.

About Me

My name is Erik Rostad and I am a website developer in Nashville, TN. I’m 38, am married to a wonderful singer/songwriter, and we have two daughters named Scotlyn & Lilia. I didn’t start reading for pleasure until college and then I went nuts. I love reading, but even more than that, I love connecting to people who have read the same books. Connect with me on LinkedIn or feel free to send me an email.

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