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About this Project

I’ve always been a sucker for other people’s reading lists. It’s the click bait I will click every time. Top 10 books Bill Gates recommends? I’m there. Stephen King’s favorite books? Show me.

If you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed with the number of books out there and you need some help choosing the right ones. In late 2016, I read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. The book is full of book recommendations from some of the world’s top performers. I made a list of all suggested books from Tools of Titans (full list here) and decided to read 52 of them during 2017. That’s how the name Books of Titans originated.

Books Of Titans Podcast Erik Jason

When I told Jason Staples about the project, he wanted to join in. Not only did he want to read each book, he also suggested we start a podcast to discuss each of the books. Thus, the Books of Titans Podcast was born. By the way, that’s me (Erik Rostad) on the left and Jason Staples on the right.

Since 2017, I’ve created a 52-book reading list for each year. I get my suggestions from a variety of places, not just from Tools of Titans, although the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast continues to be a great source for book suggestions.

Project Goals

  • 52 Books per Year
  • Quaere Verum – Seeking Truth
  • Connect to Other Readers