About this Project

Why I’m doing this? Who I am? What do I hope to accomplish?

Life is short, and there are too many books to read. Someone, or something, has to choose, or whisper in our ear to help us decide.

-Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable

I’m a sucker for clickbait with titles such as “The 5 books Bill Gates Recommends Everybody Read Before They Die.” I’ve always been curious about what people read and what 5 to 10 books changed their lives.

Enter Tools of Titans. Tim Ferriss interviewed some of the most accomplished, productive, and famous people in the world and asked each one of them what book(s) they like and have gifted the most. This was my favorite part of Ferriss’ book.

As Kevin Kelly’s quote above highlights, we each have a limited time on this earth. I love reading but I hate reading bad books. I want to read the best books. The books with the greatest chance of touching my soul.

Ferriss’ book provided a curated list for me. Ferriss highlights a number of books throughout the content of Tools of Titans. The end of the book contains a full list of Most Gifted and Recommended books. I created a list of the 120 books mentioned in the main content of Tools of Titans. From this list, I have chosen 52 books to read in 2017 and have randomized the order in which I will read them.

Now that I have a curated list of books, I want to start a conversation around them. I know that if I write about a book after reading it, I will retain more of the content and I’ll open up my thoughts to a potential conversation with you. That is why I have created a website around this reading project. I also hope I inspire others to read through some of these excellent books.

About Me

My name is Erik Rostad and I am a website developer in Atlanta, GA. I’m 37, am married to a wonderful singer/songwriter, and we have a daughter named Scotlyn. I didn’t start reading for pleasure until college and then I went nuts. I love reading, but even more than that, I love connecting to people who have read the same books. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or email me.