John McPhee
Pages: 169
Suggested By: Tim Ferriss
Date Started: September 8, 2022
Date Finished: September 10, 2022
2h 40m 54s
Reason Book was Chosen:
Tim Ferriss talks about John McPhee all the time. I read McPhee's book Draft No. 4 last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is all about oranges. Curious to see how it writes about them.

My Thoughts

149 pages about oranges. And I was captivated. Remember when Bubba spoke about shrimp in Forrest Gump? That’s basically this book in a nutshell, only it’s about oranges. This is a master class on researching a topic deeply and widely and then writing about it. I just got back from the grocery store where I bought oranges and orange juice. It’s enticing. And it’s educational. I loved this book and if left me with a thirst for more McPhee and some oranges.

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