Pindar Odes

Pindar: The Odes

Reading Year: 2024
Book # 9
Great Books
Pages: 239
Translation by C. M. Bower
Version: Penguin Classics
Year: -462
Date Started: April 1, 2024
Date Finished: April 6, 2024
4h 55m 20s

My Thoughts

I had a hard time with this one. I’m realizing there are varying levels of required knowledge of Greek Mythology before reading Greek Literature. I’m at about the elementary school level of understanding and I’d place this one at a college level knowledge requirement. I missed so many of the mythological references and would have been better served waiting until I had a better grasp before reading. Perhaps I’ll return to this in the future. There were some beautiful lines and the referenced mythology I did recognize was quite exciting.

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