The Code Breaker

Walter Isaacson
Non-Fiction, Science
Pages: 481
Date Started: April 13, 2022
Date Finished: April 25, 2022
10h 8m 33s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I may as well just give Walter Isaacson my wallet and have him send me any new book he writes. I've read a number of his other books for this project and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

My Thoughts

I love Isaacson. This is a very important book for our time. It follows the life of Jennifer Doudna and digs into the science of gene editing. Best-case uses are to get rid of crippling diseases. Worst-case uses are to create “designer babies.” Isaacson was in the right place at the right time for this book as Doudna’s research was instrumental in COVID vaccines. My favorite thing he said is that there is a shift from youth wanting to be involved in tech and computer programming to biology and gene editing/programming.

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