The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith
Non-Fiction, Psychology
Pages: 432
Suggested By: Liberty Fund Conference
Date Started: November 15, 2021
Date Finished: November 22, 2021
15h 7m 44s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I was invited to the 2021 Liberty Fund Conference and this is a required book for the conference reading list.

My Thoughts

This is a book of observations of how humans actually behave and what they aspire to be. I kept being surprised at how intuitive it was but how I had never thought about a lot of these ideas. Adam Smith digs into virtue, the four cardinal virtues, happiness, vice, and sentiments. One key idea was that we do and should align our behavior to an impartial spectator. What would this impartial spectator think of what I am about to do? I really enjoyed reading this book.

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