Reimagining Apologetics

Reimagining Apologetics

The Beauty of Faith in a Secular Age
Justin Ariel Bailey
Christian, Non-Fiction
Pages: 147
Suggested By: Andrew Peterson
Date Started: July 3, 2023
Date Finished: July 6, 2023
4h 29m 45s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I asked author & musician Andrew Peterson what books he suggested and he said a combo of Gilead and Reimagining Apologetics, so I'm reading them back to back.

My Thoughts

I read the introduction and second half of this book as I was interested in the portion about how authors George MacDonald and Marilynn Robinson wrote about the beauty of faith. The author of this book, Justin Bailey, describes George MacDonald and Marilynne Robinson’s approaches to writing as Waking Things Up and Revealing a Wider World, respectively. I read this immediately after reading Gilead by Robinson and it was a good pairing.

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