The Prophets

Abraham Heschel
Reading Order: Book 51
Categories: 2019, Erik Rostad
Pages: 488
Suggested By: My Wife
Date Started: November 11, 2019
Date Finished: November 28, 2019
17h 30m 35s
Reason Book was Chosen: My wife has been praising this book since we got married. About time I read it.

My Thoughts

In The Prophets, Abraham Heschel introduced me to the idea of the Pathos of God: God’s concern for mankind. The official definition of Pathos is “a quality that evokes pity or sadness.” God is concern with people. Concerned with such a degree that he speaks about judgement, love, and concern through prophets.

This book consists of two volumes and it covers the major prophets of the Old Testament as well as overall similarities and differences between them. It’s a great introduction to each of the prophets and this will help me in my reading of book 1 in my 2020 reading list, the Bible.

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