The Homeric Hymns

The Homeric Hymns

Reading Year: 2023
Book # 42
Great Books
Pages: 146
Translation by Michael Crudden
Version: Oxford World's Classics
Year: 700 BC
Date Started: November 15, 2023
Date Finished: November 18, 2023
4h 47m 8s
I wanted to close out The Iliad & Odyssey by reading Homer's hymns to the main Greek gods. This was referenced a lot in Edith Hamilton's Mythology.

My Thoughts

A series of hymns about the major Greek gods attributed to Homer but more likely composed by the Homeridae (children / students of Homer). There are a total of 33 hymns to gods like Aphrodite, Hermes, Demeter, Apollo, and many others. I loved the stories of Demeter and Aphrodite. Demeter’s daughter Persephone is abducted and taken to Hades. Aphrodite herself falls for the clutches of love and loses herself with a mortal, something she prided herself on avoiding while enticing others. This is a great book to read along with Theogony by Hesiod and Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

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