The New Testament

Pages: 566
Date Started: June 1, 2021
Date Finished: June 11, 2021
16h 29m 58s
Reason Book was Chosen:
I'll be reading the Bibliotheca edition of The New Testament.

My Thoughts

I’ve been eyeing the Bibliotheca project for a while. It’s a reimagining of the Bible in every aspect. The design, the layout, the translation, the typography. It’s stunningly beautiful and is a pleasure to hold and read. This is my first interaction with this Bible set. It’s broken up into 5 books – three for the Old Testament, one for the Apocrypha, and one for the entire New Testament. I read the New Testament, which consists of 566 pages.

There are no verse or chapter references. You just read the New Testament. I liked some of the phrases and words used that were slightly different. For example, instead of “church,” the word “assembly” was used. I loved that. It made me think of an elementary school assembly. Instead of gospel or good news, the term good tidings was used. There were a number of words used that made me think of the King James translation.

Reading this fresh translation (in this case, the American Literary Version) made certain parts jump out. There was enough of a change that the book of Romans really stuck out to me, especially the first few chapters. With some turns of phrases, it made me stop enough to consider the verse anew. That was a pleasant surprise.

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  • Erik-Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this volume. Each year I read through the entire Bible. in 2017 I decided to work my way through this version (it took some planning but as a fellow reading planner I worked out my own reading plan for how many pages to read each day). I agree with one of your statements of a fresh take without chapter and verse. I’m considering doing the plan again for 2022


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